Minneapolis band Gully Boys says stolen van found, gear missing

Gully Boys are looking for their 1996 Ford Econoline Fontana van that was stolen in Minneapolis. (Gully Boys / Twitter)

A Minneapolis band’s van that was stolen days before they were set to go on tour has been found. 

Gully Boys shared an update on Twitter Tuesday, saying their van, which was filled with instruments and gear when it was stolen, had been found. The band wrote that all of their gear is gone, but whoever stole it left lawn care gear behind. 

"They broke in the side window and hot wired the van, leaving it completely totaled. So keep an eye out if you see any of our gear around town," the band wrote. 

Gully Boys will miss out on a big opportunity at SXSW this year. (Gully Boys / Supplied)

The van was stolen in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning. 

The band is kicking off their tour in Minneapolis on Tuesday night, with their next stop in Chicago on Friday.