Minneapolis and St. Paul to end winter parking restrictions this week

The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul announced Tuesday they will lift their one-sided winter parking restrictions. 

Both cities announced the parking ban will now be over beginning at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, March 29. 

The cities implemented the parking banks after residential side streets were narrowing due to record snowfalls this winter. Warmer temperatures have allowed the snow to melt and streets to return to normal. Minneapolis has had the restriction in place since Jan. 25, and St. Paul since March 10

"We realize that putting in place additional parking restrictions was a challenge for many residents who need on-street parking," said Sean Kershaw, Director of Public Works for Saint Paul. "Our plow and emergency vehicle drivers appreciated residents’ compliance so they could continue to safely access and clear our streets this winter." 

While the parking restrictions are ending, the cities could still declare snow emergencies as needed which would affect parking temporarily.