St. Paul issues one-sided parking restrictions starting Friday

The City of St. Paul is putting into effect one-sided parking rules starting Friday morning.

Under the new restrictions, drivers on residential streets are being asked to park only on the odd house number side of streets while parking on the even side of the street is banned. The city has created a map to allow residents to check where parking is and isn't allowed. For main streets, the city says drivers should continue to follow posted parking restrictions.

The one-sided parking ban is in effect from Friday at 8 a.m. until April 15 – or until officials decide it is no longer needed.

One-sided parking map for St. Paul

One-sided parking explainer

Back in January, St. Paul officials opted not to follow suit with Minneapolis as Minneapolis declared a one-sided parking restriction. But, St. Paul said they would continue to monitor the situation as this season's heavy snowfall continued to narrow streets.