Keeping pets safe during the deep freeze

Dangerously cold temperatures pose a risk for everyone, including pets.

As the temperatures still lingered in the single-digit temperatures on Monday, Wy Spano and his pooch Lefty took advantage of the dog park.

“Just trying to get her some exercise so we have succeeded in doing that,” said Spano.

As temperatures continue to drop, frostbite can occur, in a matter of minutes. Dr. Eric Ruhland of St. Paul Pet Hospital says keep your pets’ paws top of mind.

“If a dog is just running out into snow, that’s a little bit more padded and a little bit more insulated, but when they’re walking out on artificial surfaces like concrete, artificial tile, all that stuff the transfer of cold is a lot faster,” said Dr. Ruhland.

Not all dogs may be fans of booties, but Dr. Ruhland recommends pet owners to put them on their dogs' paws to protect those extremities from salt exposure.

“They get damage and trauma to their pads and the dogs start licking at their feet and then they develop wounds secondarily to that,” said Dr. Ruhland.

Which means going for a run with your tail-wagger should be completely out of the question, for now.

“Your dog will follow you to the end of the Earth it doesn’t matter, and this is not a condition where you need to be a tough guy,” said Dr. Ruhland.