Caribou Coffee workers plan protests over working conditions during pandemic

Caribou Coffee workers in the Twin Cities are planning a car rally on working conditions during the pandemic.

On Monday, workers will gather in vehicles outside a Caribou location in Roseville.

According to a spokesperson for the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Minnesota, workers are upset with resources available to protect employees.

They want Caribou to make more protective gear, like gloves and masks, available in the workplace. They also want sick leave to be offered for workers and believe those who do show up deserve hazard pay.

Caribou locations have remained open during the Minnesota stay-at-home order for takeout orders.

In a statement, Caribou Coffee officials said they have taken steps to protect workers since the start of the pandemic. They say protective gear has been made available and they are working to send out more shipments of gear. Social distancing policies have also been put into place.

At the same time, they are also offering additional support to essential workers, including a ten percent pay increase for workers in May. For some workers, paid time off, unpaid leave, medical leave, emergency pay, and other benefits are available.