Buffalo Allina clinic shooting suspect will undergo mental health evaluation, judge rules

A Wright County judge ruled Monday that Gregory Ulrich, the suspect charged with setting off bombs and opening fire at an Allina Health clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota last month, must undergo a mental health evaluation to determine whether he is competent to stand trial in the case. 

Ulrich made his second court appearance Monday morning on his charges in the Feb. 9 attack, which left one clinic worker dead and injured four others. He is charged with second-degree murder, four counts of attempted murder and one count each of felony use of an explosive device and felony possession of a firearm.

Ulrich’s attorney requested and was granted an order for an evaluation to determine his competency to stand trial. Ulrich will be receiving an evaluation sometime within the next 60 days. 

The judge also granted two discovery requests by the prosecution, one to obtain a DNA sample from Ulrich and the other to keep the victims’ information confidential. 

Ulrich’s next court appearance is scheduled for May 20.

Allina clinic shooting 

According to the charges, the morning of Feb. 9 Ulrich took public transportation from the motel where he was staying to the Buffalo Crossroads clinic. Upon arrival, clinic staff asked him if they could help him. He responded by pulling out a handgun and threatening staff.

An investigation into the incident showed he shot his first two victims in the reception area, where he also shot out the front windows of the facility and detonated two bomb.

Then, the charges say he moved into the interior of the clinic, where he shot three more people. One of the subsequent victims was shot six times, but survived. The fifth person he shot died from her injuries Tuesday evening. She was identified Wednesday as 37-year-old Lindsay Overbay. The four other victims of the shooting were hospitalized. 

He detonated another bomb in the interior of the clinic. A fourth bomb was not detonated. The original charges said only two bombs were detonated, but authorities clarified that three bombs were detonated at a press conference Thursday morning. 

According to police, Ulrich called 911 while he was in the clinic and said to "have officers back away and he would surrender."

Upon arrival, police found him laying down on the ground with his arms out. He was arrested and detained.

During a review of Ulrich’s cell phone by investigators, they found a "rambling video message that alluded to an incident at the clinic."