Brooklyn Park dashcam chase, shooting suspect released after posting bond

A man charged in a shooting that led Brooklyn Park police on a wild chase is free again, according to recently filed court documents. 

Terry Johnson, 45, of Brooklyn Park faces one count each of possession of a dangerous weapon, possession of ammo and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon after an incident last week when Brooklyn Park police responded to the 6600 block of 83rd Court North to reports of multiple shots fired. 

According to police, Johnson allegedly fired rounds indiscriminately upstairs and downstairs – penetrating at least five different condos and homes before fleeing a townhome by reversing straight out of his own garage, splintering the door as police arrived. 

But less than a week later, he has been released from custody after Midwest Bail LLC posted his $100,000 bond on Monday.

When asked by FOX 9’s Paul Blume, the Hennepin County Attorney Office (HCAO) wouldn't comment about not charging Johnson with fleeing or injuring police as part of the chase. 

The complaint says the state would be seeking an upward durational departure during sentencing, considering the case is more serious than other similar offenses of possession of a pistol by an ineligible person. Johnson was prohibited from owning a firearm due to a previous third-degree assault charge.

Prosecutors also say they cannot comment on active cases, Blume reports.

"This is just another day unfortunately in law enforcement," Deputy Police Chief Mark Bruley told FOX 9 at the time the incident occurred.

Johnson’s next hearing is set for March 29.

Lives in danger

As a result of the shooting, a Brooklyn Park neighbor Scott Rupp was taken to the ICU after being shot in the leg, and using his own belt as a tourniquet to slow bleeding until paramedic could arrive. A GoFundMe has been created to help with his expenses.

Now that Johnson is out of custody, both neighbors and police officers are concerned.

"It surprises me, especially since he hurt somebody," neighbor Auna Dempcy told FOX 9. Many homeowners around the complex are on edge, but none quite like Dempcy, because her home shares a wall with Johnson’s.

"It makes me not want to come back home," Dempcy said, noting her family is searching for a new place to live, \

"I had a lot of anxiety after, especially since I’m pregnant and I work at home," she said.

The Brooklyn Park Police Department says it is disappointed Johnson is out of custody. They recognize that he has the right to due process but say his behavior has been so outlandish he’s clearly a danger to the community, and that gives them concern about what he is capable of doing next.

"He’s probably going to get a plea bargain when he gets to court and then he’ll get a reduced sentence. So it seems like every step of the way dangerous criminals are getting their actions minimized. And here in this case that starts with not even charging him for all of his crimes," said Deputy Police Chief Mark Bruley, 

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