Police: Bloodied victim escaped beating, torture at Brooklyn Park home

A second woman has been charged after a man was held captive, tortured, and beaten with a steel pipe at a Brooklyn Park home last week.

Michell Alvarado is now charged with kidnapping and assault in the case. Last week, prosecutors filed a complaint against Melanie Marcin-Sixtos on the same charges. The women are accused of working with an unnamed man to beat and rob another man who tried to help Alvarado after she was "kicked out of her house."

In the criminal complaint, police say Alvarado contacted the victim on December 20 and told him she had been kicked out. According to police, the victim had helped her in the past with financial troubles. The charges state Alvarado asked the victim for a ride and later asked him to pick up a friend, Marcin-Sixtos.

The women asked the victim to take them to a home on Ronald Place in Brooklyn Park. When they got to the home, the women invited the victim inside. Inside, he met a man, identified only in charges as J.C.A. but went by the name "Capo" -- which is when the situation went south.

At that point, police say Marcin-Sixtos pulled three guns from a dresser and "Capo" began accusing the victim of "being involved in his dispute with [Alvarado]."  Police say "Capo" pointed a gun at the man and forced him to the ground. On the ground, officers write, "Capo" kicked him and told him he was "going to die."

Over the next two hours, police say "Capo" beat and tortured the victim, using a steel pipe to strike the man and a stove-heated kitchen knife to burn him all over his body. Ultimately, the victim was left barricaded in a crawlspace, officers said.

The victim was held in the crawlspace overnight and, the following day, threatened and harassed by "Capo". But, when the victim and Marcin-Sixtos left the house, the victim was able to escape and run to a neighbors house to get help.

When police arrived, they say the victim was covered in blood and told them he had been held captive at the home down the street.

A search of the suspect's home uncovered evidence of the assault, drugs including cocaine and meth, and a safe with photos of "Capo" and Marcin-Sixtos, police said.

Police say the victim suffered "extensive injuries" including a large cut above his eyes, a swollen-shut right eye, and burn marks all over his body. He also needed a blood transfusion and remains hospitalized as of Wednesday, police said.

Speaking with investigators, officers say Alvarado gave several differing accounts of what happened at the home and tried to blame the victim for sending her "threatening messages" prior to the attack. She also denied "setting up" the victim for the attack but acknowledged she knew the victim had been injured and was being held captive but didn't seek out help.