‘Blizzo’ MnDOT snowplow visits Osseo school to meet those who named it

Blizzo the snowplow at Osseo Middle School. 

The students credited with creating the name "Blizzo" during the Minnesota Department of Transportation's "Name a Snowplow" contest received a visit from their champion Thursday.

The snowplow visited sixth-grade students from Osseo Middle School to show them the result of their efforts.

"It’s exciting – the whole thing has come full circle. We entered the contest back in December, and when Lizzo gave us a shout-out that kind of capped it all off," said teacher Ann Mack at the event. "To have the students get to actually see the plow is really cool."

Mack said the students' intent was to tie a famous person from Minnesota into words that also associate with snow. After the class of 33 students voted,, their official submission was in the books.

According to Mack, their selection was tied into a lesson on state government functions, one of them being road maintenance.

Students credited with creating the name "Blizzo" during The Minnesota Department of Transportations "Name a Snowplow" contest received a visit from their champion Thursday.

"We wanted to connect current events to what we’re studying, and when the contest came up it was absolutely perfect," Mack said.

Their second-place vote would have been "Plow Dylan" as an ode to singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. Other names during last winter’s contest included Betty Whiteout, The Big Leplowski, F. Salt Fitzgerald and Darth Blader.

Blizzo currently works out of the MnDOT’s Camden Truck Station and plows snow along Interstate 94 in Minneapolis.

Mack says she intends to enter the naming contest again with future classes.