Aaron Burr suspected in gun-pointing incident in Minneapolis: charges

A man named Aaron Burr -- not that Aaron Burr -- is facing charges in Dakota County stemming from the investigation into a gun-pointing incident in Minneapolis last winter.

Burr was charged last week in a separate case out of Dakota County in which prosecutors say he threatened an officer investigating the gun-pointing incident. According to the charges, the officer texted Burr trying to speak with him about the case. Instead of calling, police say Burr threatened the officer. In his text, according to the charges, Burr warned the officer he had the officer's address and "that might not be Santa on your roof… one eye open… just got a new trigger guard Lazer [sic] sight."

He was arrested after police tracked down his location to Hastings.

Historically, Aaron Burr was never charged with shooting and killing Alexander Hamilton during a duel back in 1804. However, he was later accused of treason but ultimately acquitted.