3 Minneapolis lakes experiencing unusual fall blue-green algae blooms

The unusually warm weather this November has contributed to blue-green algae blooms on three Minneapolis lakes, according to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. 

The park board said Cedar Lake, Brownie Lake and Lake Nokomis are all experiencing algae blooms as well as the pond in Lakewood Cemetery, which has caused the stream in Roberts Bird Sanctuary to turn a milky tan color. 

Cedar Lake in Minneapolis

Fall algae blooms are unusual, but are becoming more common as the region becomes seasonally warmer on average, according to the park board. Other lakes in the metro are experiencing similar issues. 

Blue-green algae blooms can produce toxins that can make humans and animals sick. The park board is advising people to avoid or minimize recreating in waters experiencing a blue-green algae bloom and not to let animals swim or drink where there is noticeable algae in the water or scum on the shore.