Minnesota election results roundup: 2023 local races

Tuesday is election day in Minnesota, with municipal and school board elections on the ballot in some communities. 

Below, you'll find a roundup of election results from across the state. 

Minneapolis City Council races

In Minneapolis, all 13 wards were up for election with more than three dozen candidates vying for a seat. All the races have been called, with City Council President Andrew Jenkins retaining her seat in a close race

Results from the City Council races will decide the balance of power, potentially tipping the City Council in a more progressive direction that could override the vetoes of the comparatively moderate Mayor Jacob Frey on issues that include rent control and protections for Uber and Lyft drivers. 

Find complete Minneapolis City Council race results here.

St. Paul City Council races

In St. Paul, all seven wards were up for election. 

The city will have at least four new council members next year, with Council President Amy Brendmoen and council members Christ Tolbert and Jane Prince declining to run for re-election. Interim Ward 1 council member Russel Balenger, who replaced Dai Thao after his resignation last year, is also not on the ballot. Balenger had agreed not to run for re-election when he was chosen for the interim gig.

Three St. Paul races will be heading to a second count due to ranked-choice voting, but the projected winners after the first round are:

  • Ward 2: Rebecca Noecker
  • Ward 4: Mitra Jalali
  • Ward 5: Hwa Jeong Kim
  • Ward 6: Nelsie Yang

The races in Wards 1, 3, and 7 did not meet the 50% plus one threshold and the winner will be determined on Friday. 

Here are the results for the St. Paul City Council races.

St. Paul ballot sales tax approved

St. Paul voters approved an increase in the sales tax to help the city pay for street repairs in the city. 

A 2019 report laid out the bleak state of the city's roads. Last year, officials estimated a sales tax increase of one percentage point would generate nearly $1 billion over 20 years. Making the expensive and difficult road repair project more feasible.

Voters approved the measure by a 60% to 40% margin. 

Here are the results of the St. Paul ballot question

Golden Valley sales tax approved

Golden Valley residents approved a 1.25% sales tax to fund $105 million in infrastructure upgrades for police, fire and public works. The sales tax came in three separate ballot measures, all of which passed. 

Golden Valley wants to build and enhance several city facilities that administrators believe are outdated and no longer support modern needs. To do so, the city asked for a 1.25% sales tax increase to finance the building projects over a 30-year period.  The three questions voters saw on the ballot were: the first to acquire land and build a new public works facility away from downtown; the second would build the public works facility for $45 million and the third would build a new police and fire facility for $45 million where the public works facility currently sits. 

The city says the increased sales tax would impact non-residents more than those who live in Golden Valley, citing research that shows non-residents would foot more than 60% of the bill. 

Here are the results of the ballot questions in Golden Valley.

St. Louis Park mayoral election results

In St. Louis Park, Nadia Mohamed is the projected winner to be the next mayor. This would make her the first Somali-American mayor in Minnesota, and perhaps the United States. She earned 58% of the first-choice votes in the city's ranked-choice voting election, defeating Dale Anderson, who earned 41% of the first-choice votes. 

Here are the results for the St. Louis Park mayoral race

Duluth mayoral election results

In what was Duluth's first competitive mayoral race in about 16 years, incumbent Mayor Emily Larson conceded before results even started coming in. 

Larson faced a challenge from Roger Reinert, who handily beat Larson in the mayoral DFL primary, 63% to 35%. 

Here are the results of the mayoral election in Duluth

Municipal race results from across the Twin Cities

Communities across the Twin Cities are voting in municipal elections, which could impact the day-to-day lives of those who live in the communities. Here are the results

Minnesota school board races

School board races are in the spotlight with Tuesday's election, with those elected tasked with shaping school spending and policies for the students in the district. 

Here are the results

Minnesota school district ballot questions

Dozens of schools are seeking more money, with referendums on ballots in various communities this year. Here are the results.  

Minnesota ballot questions

Here are the results of the ballot questions.

Election results from around Minnesota