MN weather: June temperatures below average — first month in more than a year

Average monthly temperatures in the Twin Cities.  (FOX 9 / FOX 9)

Contrary to what many still seem to think, it hasn't been all that cold over the last year — at least not by traditional Minnesota standards. 

June in the Twin Cities finished all of 0.2 degrees below the 30-year climate average temperature. But that is just enough to make it the first month to come in below average in the Twin Cities since April of last year — 14 months ago. In that time, every month was at least a little above average with our winter months of December and February more than 10 degrees above the norm.

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What may be an even more impressive statistic, is that this was the first below-average summer month (June, July, or August) since August 2019. That's nearly five years ago. And just like our most recent June, that month was just 0.2 degrees below average. You actually have to go back to July 2014, that's 10 years ago, to find a summer month significantly below the 30-year climate average. Not so coincidental that that summer was also very wet considering we have a similar pattern currently across the U.S.

Our July is starting slightly below average as well, and that may continue for a while, preventing us from reaching our first 90 degree day of the year until likely at least mid-month. This is because of the overall pattern we are in with a semi-stationary trough and cooler temperatures in the Upper Midwest. You can see that fairly persistent cool spot in our overall pattern that is shown off by some of our computer models that could take us through the next couple of weeks. While not a guarantee, it goes to show the overall track of the atmosphere may continue this coolish stretch for a while longer.

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Average monthly temperatures in the Twin Cities.  (FOX 9)

From: FOX 9