Minnesota weather: Flooding concerns for upcoming rain

With Monday's storms and rain, which is likely to continue into the week, there are flooding concerns in Carver County. 

A flood watch is in effect until Tuesday night due to overland and flash flooding, with six or more inches, according to the Carver County Sheriff's Office. 

River flood warnings are in effect for the Minnesota and Crow Rivers, with both already being close to flood stage, authorities said. The water is expected to rise rapidly over the next few days. 

Currently, County Road 123 north of Highway 7 in Carver County is closed. 

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The sheriff's office warns people not to drive through floodwaters, and turn around. 

Monday morning started with some severe weather that brought some thunderstorm watches and warnings to parts of southern Minnesota. 

Over the next several days, flash flooding and flooding in general is possible as storms continue through the week. 1–3 inches of rain is likely for the majority of Minnesota, through Wednesday.