Minnesota prepping for more early season snow chances

For the Twin Cities, the average first day of measurable snow happens on Nov. 4. (FOX 9)

Much of Minnesota is preparing for the potential of the first accumulating snow of the season, but just how much we will see is still a bit of question mark.

The weather maker set to bring us this wintry mix is forecast to move into western Minnesota from the northern Rockies Tuesday morning before continuing east throughout the day.

Where the rain/snow line sets up with this system will make all the difference in just how much snow accumulates, if any. Although our temperatures have been some 20 degrees cooler than average the last couple of days, our ground temperature is still warm enough to melt some snow that may fall. 

On average, we see our first accumulating snow on Nov. 4. So the potential for snow Tuesday would be early, but not unheard of. In 2018, our first measurable snow happened on Oct. 14.