1,129 crashes in Minnesota as snow joins extreme cold

The Minnesota State Patrol reported 1,129 crashes statewide from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m on Thursday. Troopers also responded to 337 vehicle spinouts. 

Fresh snow fall combined with extreme cold made for extremely slick roads across the state.

Snow totals in the Twin Cities region were generally around one to two inches, but temperatures have been too cold for MnDOT's treatment solution, salt and sand to be effective – that means roads will stay slippery, with temperatures staying in the single digits.

Crashes and spinouts continued into the afternoon and evening, prompting MnDOT to warn drivers, "Don't be fooled by 'bare' lanes," as roadways are still very slippery even when no snow or ice are visible. A full fleet of plows have been out treating highways and interstates.

SNOW TOTALS: By noon Thursday, the National Weather Service recorded official snowfall amounts 1.1 inches in Minneapolis and St. Paul, 1.0 inch in St. Cloud and 0.6 inches in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

The snow in the Twin Cities follows a series of subzero days across Minnesota, including a record-breaking -36 morning in International Falls and -40 morning in Embarrass on Wednesday.

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