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Lift off! New weather satellite will help future forecasts

  • A Nebraska sized area of forest just disappeared

  • Our below average streak longest in nearly 3 years

  • Coldest start to November since 2003

  • Exploring the world at Girls, Science & Technology

    Photo by Peter Fruehling
    Photo by Peter Fruehling


Posted: Nov 17 2017 08:58AM CST

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NASA: Changing colors of our living planet

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  • Since the fall of 1997, NASA satellites have continuously and globally observed all plant life at the surface of the land and ocean. Twenty years of satellite data has helped scientists track phytoplankton populations in the ocean, study changing veg

    NASA: Changing colors of our living planet

  • KTVU Steve Paulson says not only is it going to be hot, Tuesday is likely going to set a record for the hottest day for the first pitch of any World Series game in history. The Bay Area should reach 90s, 20 degrees above normal.

    TODAY'S FORECAST: Game 1 of World Series set to break record, 90s in Bay Area