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Snow possible late Sunday through Monday

  • How cold does it get in the States?

  • You made it! Tuesday marks halfway point of winter

  • Minneapolis, St. Paul declare Snow Emergency

  • SNOW TOTALS: Twin Cities hit by Sunday snowstorm

    Photo credit: Fox 9 viewer Charlie Anderson
    Photo credit: Fox 9 viewer Charlie Anderson


Posted: Jan 12 2018 07:16PM CST

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Bird photobombs weather cam

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    Bird photobombs weather cam

  • MnDOT video released by the Minnesota State Patrol shows a two-car crash that ended with a chain-reaction crash involving 23 vehicles on Highway 169 in Hopkins.

    23-car crash on Highway 169 in Hopkins, Minnesota

  • Erie, Pennsylvania broke a one-day snowfall record with 34 inches on Christmas Day.

    Erie, PA record snowfall on Christmas