Vikings' Terence Newman: 'No matter what happens, this will be it'

Getting ready for an NFL season is nothing new for T-New. It is something he has been doing for the last decade and a half.  

This one will have a different feel though because cornerback Terence Newman expects his 16th season to be his last NFL experience

“No matter what happens, this will be it for me,” Newman said, referring to his 16th NFL season, his fourth with the Vikings.

“I am just going to go out and do the same things I’ve always done,” Newman added. “That is go out and try to get better and try to help this team get better.”

Newman’s decision also sheds some light on the Vikings deciding to select cornerback Mike Hughes in the first round of the NFL Draft, and a reason for picking up cornerback Trae Waynes’ fifth year option for 2019. They are two of the many young corners Newman will help continue to mold as the Vikings try to improve on a 13-3 regular season and an appearance in the NFC Championship Game.

“You either get better or you stay the same and nobody wants to stay the same,” Newman said. “You always want to get better... It’s going to be fun just to be able to compete and see exactly where we all are." 

As for if this season will be any more special than others in the past, Newman brushed off that notion.

“After 15 years, I’ve soaked about as much as I can in,” Newman said. “It’s been a heck of a ride.”

But as he goes into his final foray in football, Newman wants his last season to be a true victory lap in every sense of the word. 

“Football is football, I don’t look at statistics other than wins and losses,” Newman said. “Everything else to me doesn't make a difference. With that being said, Super Bowls, that’s what’s important to me.”