Scandinavian tradition marks Vikings stadium milestone

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Fox 9's Rob Olson leaves his mark on the new Vikings stadium.

It’s a long-standing tradition to put your name on one of the last pieces of steel before it’s added to a huge construction project. For the Minnesota Vikings and U.S. Bank Stadium, it’s a particularly fitting ceremony since the tradition of “topping out” started in Scandinavia.

But with the more than 1,000 construction workers gathered on the rain-soaked field Thursday morning, the ceremony needed to pause for something somber. The death of roof worker Jeramie Gruber in late August called for a moment of silence, followed by a reminder that there’s no need to feel rushed with just 10 months to finish the job.

It will be about two months, mid-November, when U.S. Bank Stadium hits its next major milestone -- full enclosure of the stadium.