Minnesota Twins unveil City Connect uniform

The Minnesota Twins on Monday unveiled their City Connect uniform for 2024. 

The 2024 Nike MLB City Connect Series uniform look "embodies this majestic land where the water reflects the sky and celebrates the 10,000 lakes that shape and unite us," a press release says. The uniform features a ripple pattern reflecting Minnesota's waterways, a "MN" word mark guided by the North Star, a Love of the Loon sleeve patch, a 10,000 lakes jock tag and more details. 

Minnesota Twins City Connect uniform for 2024. (Minnesota Twins)

"The Twins are proud to be Minnesota’s baseball team and we are incredibly excited that our City Connect uniform reflects and celebrates the unmistakable beauty and uncommon spirit of our state," said Heather Hinkel, the club’s vice president, brand marketing, in a statement. "From our 10,000 lakes to our mighty rivers, Minnesota’s waters are our great uniter. Minnesotans also uniquely understand that a seemingly small thing often creates something great – like how a trickle from Lake Itasca gives rise to the Mississippi or how the gift of a child’s first glove leads to a lifetime of joy. This is the Ripple Effect: Our shared belief that a singular action can inspire and connect us all."

The events to celebrate the uniform begin Monday at 10 a.m. at Target Field, with the Twins New Era Team Store opening to the public. The day-long celebration will feature art and music, a free ballpark lunch (while supplies last), appearances by T.C. Bear, current plays and more, all ahead of the 6:40 p.m. Twins home game against the Colorado Rockies.

City Connect uniform details

Minnesota Twins City Connect uniform for 2024. (Minnesota Twins)

Here's how the Minnesota Twins describe the uniforms: 


  • "The Depth of our Waters: The Twins’ City Connect uniform is soaked in the blues of our state’s water, with subtle shifts from dark to light and back again, like waves weaving across our lakes. Yellow accents shine like a ray of Minnesota sunlight.
  • "Golden Hour: Deep blue, warm yellow, radiant pink – and that blissful feeling of a Minnesota lakeside sunset, reflected in the piping and sleeve patch.

Uniform Details

  • "The Ripple (Pattern): With a fluid pattern that shines and shimmers like reflections off the water, the jersey ripples with every move. There’s an energy in Minnesota’s lakes; this uniform reflects the current that carries us all.
  • "One MN (Wordmark): Connected by our waters and guided by our North Star, Minnesotans are more than any one city – we are one state. The curves of each letter flow together like waves, uniting the "MN" just as our lakes and rivers link communities across our state. At the top is a beacon for Minnesota and the Twins: The North Star.
  • "For the Love of the Loon (Sleeve Patch): Upon the sunset waters of our 10,000 lakes flies Minnesota’s state bird – the loon. The body, a single raindrop – when it touches down, a ripple. The eyes, the stitches of a baseball – like our great game itself, a unifying thread. The beak, the North Star – a beacon that, like the loon itself, leads the way.
  • "10,000 Lakes (Jock Tag): The Twins’ custom Nike City Connect font mimics the movement of waves, because the water brings Minnesotans out and brings us together. We are the Land of 10,000 Lakes. United as one.
  • "Our Home (Neckline): We are Minnesota, inside and out. The state mark sits upon the inside neckline, a symbol of the Twins’ everlasting connection to our home.
  • "Drip from Head to Toe (Socks): With varying shades of blue, bright yellow, ripples, and the "MN" wordmark, the socks complete the look.

Minnesota Twins City Connect uniform for 2024. (Minnesota Twins / Supplied)

Cap Details

  • "Our Great State (Cap Mark): The cap honors Minnesota, a place of unmistakable beauty and uncommon spirit. A yellow state silhouette frames the glowing northern lights that illuminate our skies, the depth of our waters and the North Star that guides us. "10,000 Lakes" is written on the cap’s right side, a simple but proud reflection of our home.
  • "The Waters of Lake Minnetonka (Brim): Under the cap’s brim, a nod to the Purple One. The topography of Lake Minnetonka is printed here, honoring Prince’s love for the water and all its purifying powers."