49ers QB Trey Lance encourages his former high school football team at Vikings scrimmage

San Francisco 49ers quarterback and former Marshall, Minnesota high school football star Trey Lance got the chance to meet with the players on his old high school team on Thursday as his team scrimmaged with the Vikings.

Coming from the western Minnesota high school, Lance played for North Dakota State before being drafted by the San Francisco 49ers with the third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

This week, Lance is back home in Minnesota for the Niners' preseason game against Minnesota. Ahead of the game, both teams practiced together at TCO Performance Center in Eagan, Minnesota.

Thursday, the Marshall football team made the three-hour trek to Eagan to see Lance in action.

"It was a surreal experience," said Marshall High School quarterback Tyler Maeyeart. "Not every high school gets to go out there and watch a player who played at their high school who plays in the NFL against the Minnesota Vikings, so it was just awesome."

From the sidelines, they watched firsthand where hard work will land you. The hometown star they idolized growing up is now making it big in the NFL.

"I was in 7th grade watching him behind the field goal posts, and it’s just surreal to see the quarterback you look up to, and now he’s in the NFL. I don’t know it’s just crazy," said Maeyeart.

"It's pretty cool to see a person from a small town like me can make it like that, so," added Jacob Buysse.

But while they’ll be rooting for him Saturday, their allegiance still lies with the purple and gold.