You can still exercise: Minnesota's stay at home order allows for some fresh air

(FOX 9)

As Minnesota's Stay At Home order takes effect, many people will end up spending the vast amount of the day inside their homes.

But, that doesn't mean you have to board up your door. Governor Walz says his order allows for people to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and exercise. He is still urging residents to avoid gatherings and stay close to home.

Saturday, under the clouds, amidst the drizzle of a gray Saturday afternoon, Minnesotans were still out for some exercise. 

"People wave at you, smile at you," said Rebecca Welty, who was out with her grandson. "There is a 'we're all in this together' feeling when we're all out here.”

With more restrictions in place, the cities are making sure we have space for the times when fresh air -- damp as it may be -- is necessary.

"For us, it's about getting a change of pace from the inside of the house all days," said Kevin Salkas.

Where mud covers trails, orange cones cover some Minneapolis streets, as the city lined off roads to give more space to pedestrians.

"It was like dodgeball out here last weekend," said Welty. "Every time I went to take a walk, I was dodging people."

Among those closed-off roads was Lake Harriet Parkway, which is where we caught up with Kalli and her dad Jeff. They’re grateful for the extra space, because they know just how important it is at a time like this.

"It was getting really crowded," said Kalli. "We were having to stay on the perimeter to stay away from people. I am a nurse at the U so I’m trying not to be close to people."

For two more weeks, we’ll stay at home. For today and the days to come, we’re reminded just how far a little fresh air can go, how much room a road can provide, and how much color Minnesotans can bring to even the grayest of days.