X Games athlete rushed to hospital with severe spinal cord injury

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Brad Baker competing in Harley-Davidson Flat Track Racing during X Games Minneapolis 2017 (Photo by Chris Tedesco / ESPN Images)

An X Games athlete remains hospitalized after he suffered a severe spinal cord injury Sunday during the games.

According to ESPN, which hosts the X Games, "Brad Baker was injured during flat track racing practice and was transported by EMS to be treated for a back injury. We continue to be in close contact with the medical professionals treating Brad, as well as the Baker family and his team. We cannot share any further information at this time."

Flat track racing, also known as dirt track racing, involves motorcycles with either two-stroke or four-stroke engines. Flat track bikes have front and rear suspension and rear brakes. Racetracks vary in length from 1/4 mile to 1 mile.

Brad "The Bullet" Baker's brother, Scott Baker, shared a message on Facebook, writing that Brad's prognosis is not final.

"After being rushed to the hospital Yesterday, Brad spent the rest of the day undergoing back surgery to repair a multiple fractured T6 vertebrae. The scary part was fragments of the vertebrae damaged his spinal cord and were [putting] pressure on it causing paralysis from the middle of his back down. Good news is his cord was not severed and the doctors are happy with how the surgery went repairing his vertebrae and relieving the pressure," he wrote.

His brother wrote that Brad is in good spirits and "is always so thankful even in the worst of situations."