Winona mayor on 'mixed' reaction to the town's Super Bowl ad

Winona Ryder is featured in the ad on the side of the road in Winona, Minn. (Squarespace)

A small city along the Mississippi River in southern Minnesota got featured on a big stage on Sunday.

Winona, Minnesota was part of a Super Bowl advertisement from Squarespace.

The commercial starring actress and Winona native Winona Ryder has Ryder hanging out on a roadside next to a "Welcome to Winona" sign. When approached by police and asked what she's doing, Winona replies she's building a website about Winona.

The ad is part of a pitch for Squarespace, a website-building company.

The ad ends with Ryder lying in the snow with a text overlay that reads: ""

The link leads visitors to a website about, as you'd expect, Winona. 

Before the ad aired, Squarespace shared a teaser video detailing Ryder's trip back home and interviews with Winona's residents. Another advertisement posted to Squarespace's Youtube channel shows an extended version of the advertisement.

The average cost for a 30-second Super Bowl ad this year was $5.6 million for advertisers.