What we know about New Hope City Hall shooter Raymond Kmetz

Fox 9 News has learned the man shot and killed at New Hope City Hall on Monday night is 68-year-old Raymond Kmetz. Kmetz has a long history of harassing city officials, police officers and even his own attorneys. He also appears to have a long history of mental illness.

Kmetz entered New Hope City Hall just after 7 p.m. Monday, opening fire with a long gun just outside of city council chambers. Two officers were shot, and are in good condition. Kmetz was shot and killed.

UPDATE -- VIDEO: Raymond Kmetz blames New Hope officials for his divorce, homelessness

Ray Kmetz had about a dozen restraining orders filed against him by various city officials. In fact, Kmetz had threatened to bring a shotgun to Crystal City Hall last August, and his family warned police.  The City of Crystal had a restraining order against Raymond Kmetz that was taken out in October of 2014. And while individual citizens in Golden Valley had restraining orders against Kmetz, the City of Golden Valley did not.

An attempt had been made to have Kmetz civilly committed as mentally ill, and he was part of the "competency recovery program" at the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter. People who are found mentally incompetent to stand trial are placed in this program until they are determined to be competent. The problem in the case of Kmetz is he was found to have a personality disorder – not a mental illness. In other words, he could distinguish from right and wrong, and his problem with authority could be traced to his personality.

FIRST REPORT - 2 police officers shot at New Hope City Hall, gunman killed