Watch: Moose deadpans to camera after getting pied in the face with snow

A moose was caught on camera getting pied in the face with snow in Alaska, and judging by the look on its face, the moose was a little embarrassed.

Jennifer Eatherton captured the cute moment while "safe moose hunting" with her husband in Anchorage, where they drive around town and look for city moose to send videos to their families in Los Angeles.

As they followed alongside a moose, the massive creature started tugging at a tree branch with its mouth. When a pile of snow on the branch fell all over the moose’s face, it deadpanned to Eatherton’s camera and stared right at her in a hilarious moment.

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"He was just walking along, just minding his own business," Eatherton’s husband Jay told Alaska’s News Source. "He started eating off the tree and when that snow pile just landed right on his face, and he just stopped, turned and looked at us to say, ‘Please tell me you didn’t record that.’"


Moose visibly embarrassed after being pied in the face with snow (Jennifer Eatherton via Storyful)

Anchorage is home to about 1,500 moose, according to the Visit Anchorage website.

"Even in the heart of the city, moose are a regular sight as they browse through parks, greenbelts, and even the occasional backyard garden," the city’s tourism website says. "Play it right, and you can see a moose in the first hour of your trip."

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Moose tend to be most active in the morning and evening hours. They’re present in Anchorage year-round, but the beginning and end of summer are considered "special" times for moose because of baby moose season at the end of May and "rutting" season in late September and October.