MN weather: Twin Cities see massive temperature plunge

What a difference a day makes. But even strong winds and plunging temperatures couldn't keep some hearty Minnesotans from enjoying the great outdoors.

"Crazy. Super odd. I was in a t-shirt this morning, and now I'm in a winter jacket," said Jacob Henegar, who was playing Frisbee golf at Rosland Park in Edina.

On Monday, the pickleball courts nearby were full of people taking advantage of the record-warm weather.

Roughly 24 hours later, not so much.

"This is Minnesota. I've lived here since 1997, so I know that it can just turn very quickly. So it doesn't bother me. I think Minnesotans are losing their boldness and strength and I think they've gone soft," said Lydia Belateche, who was braving the elements on a walk through the park.

With temperatures expected to fall into the single digits, FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard says the weather whiplash is going to get even worse.

"Temperature swings are a big part of living here in the Upper Midwest. I think more often than not you can find swings of 20 and 30 degrees. We're talking a swing of nearly 60 degrees in about 24 hours. That's something that happens one maybe two times a year," said Leonard.

But those who don't like the cold can take comfort in the fact that the return of Old Man Winter won't last long.

"It's the end of February. This winter overall has been kind of lame. I would have liked more snow, but at this point, it may as well just end, and we can move on," said John Tarnofsky.