Several warm records could break this week in Minnesota

Our winter months are passing into the rearview mirror this week, but aren't ending without a bang.

A monthly record high temperature is possible Monday before winter quickly returns for about 36 hours late Tuesday and into Wednesday. All of this before record warmth will be possible again as March starts this weekend. 

However, this entire winter has been one that many may remember as the "year without a winter." Several long-time and long-duration records are likely to fall as the month finishes out. 

The Twin Cities has already experienced the most consecutive days above freezing in winter as well as the highest number of 50 degree-plus days in the winter months, adding to that over the last few days. 

As the month ends, it looks like Minnesota could break a February record high temperature, have the warmest February on record and have the warmest winter on record dating back to 1872. 

Here is a look at where each climate zone is compared to the average for the winter so far. A "1" indicates climate zones that are experiencing their warmest winter on record to date, which includes most of Minnesota and Wisconsin:

A "1" indicates climate zones that are experiencing their warmest winter on record to date. Graphic courtesy of: IEM (Supplied)

Here are lists of current records in Minnesota that will be updated daily through the end of February:

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Even with possible record-breaking warmth, snow is possible Tuesday in Minnesota. Temperatures are expected to drop in the low 20s Tuesday evening and the cold will linger into Wednesday. But the cold is not expected to stay as temperatures will start to warm up again later in the week.