Tuition increases recommended to University of Minnesota leaders

University of Minnesota leaders are set to discuss whether being a student at the university will be more expensive next year.

At a meeting on May 9, university regents will discuss recommended tuition rate increases among different student groups. An official vote would happen in June.

The recommended tuition increase for a Twin Cities campus undergraduate and graduate school resident would be 4.5%, and 5.5% for a non-resident student.

At the university’s Rochester campus, tuition would increase 4.5% for both residents and non-residents.

At its Crookston, Duluth and Morris campuses, a flat increase of 1.5% is proposed for both student groups.

The factors for potential tuition increases are outlined in the regent’s agenda packet and include a 3% "merit pool increase" (to invest in university employees), a $105 million total increase in salaries and fringe costs, a 3.5% increase in operating costs and a roughly $16 million shortfall in tuition revenue compared to budget in FY 2024 for 14 of 25 tuition-generating units – or university departments

In May of 2023, for the first time since the University of Minnesota was founded more than 150 years ago, the Minnesota Legislature made women the majority of the board.