Talk of tuition hike at U of M

The Board of Regents is set to meet on Thursday to discuss a possible tuition increase at the University of Minnesota. The recommended increase at the Twin Cities campus is 4.5% for in-state students and 5.5% for out-of-state students in the undergraduate and graduate programs.

U of M protest encampment clear, continue nationally

Pro-Palestine protests have been ongoing at college campuses across the country. At the University of Minnesota, the protest encampment has cleared after a compromise was struck. At UCLA, riot police clear the protest encampment, and arrest over 100 people. At Columbia University in New York City, police stormed into an administration building after protesters had taken over the building.

Feather transplant? MN orgs team up to save swans

Earlier this year, two trumpeter swans were brought in just days apart to Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville. The majority of feathers on both wings of one swan and half of the other were severely tattered, requiring a "feather transplant."