Here are the 22 states that will get minimum wage increases on Jan. 1

A bartender drops off drinks in the dining room at a restaurant in 2022. (Photo by Scott Suchman for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

The new year is just around the corner, and minimum wage workers in 22 states will notice a financial bump in their paychecks beginning in 2024.

Starting on Jan. 1, the pay increases will raise the wages for 9.9 million employees, and the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) projects that the boost in pay will add up to an extra $6.95 billion in additional wages from state minimum wage increases.

States raising the minimum wage includes California, New York, and Washington. 

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Separately, 38 cities and counties are also raising their minimum wage above state minimums on Jan. 1, the EPI noted in a company release. 

These pay hikes will affect women and people of color, based on an analysis by the EPI.

According to the EPI, women make up 57.9% of employees in these 22 states receiving an increase on Jan. 1, while Black workers account for 9% of the wage-earning workforce in these states receiving increases. And Hispanic workers make up 19.6% of the employees in these states getting the wage hike.

Here’s the list of states increasing their minimum wage. 

States raising their minimum wage in 2024 

  1. Alaska: $11.73
  2. Arizona: $14.35
  3. California: $16
  4. Colorado: $14.42
  5. Connecticut: $15.69
  6. Delaware: $13.25
  7. Hawaii: $14
  8. Illinois: $14
  9. Maine: $14.15
  10. Maryland: $15
  11. Michigan: $10.33
  12. Minnesota: $10.85
  13. Missouri: $12.30
  14. Montana: $10.30
  15. Nebraska: $12
  16. New Jersey: $15.13
  17. New York: $16
  18. Ohio: $10.45
  19. Rhode Island: $14
  20. South Dakota: $11.20
  21. Vermont: $13.67
  22. Washington: $16.28

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.