St. Paul Public Library launches a laser-eyed loon library card

A rendering of what the laser-eyed loon library card will look like. Photo courtesy of St. Paul Public Library (Supplied)

It didn't make it onto the Minnesota state flag, but the laser-eyed loon design will live on at St. Paul Public Library as it launched a library card with the infamous bird on it. 

Starting soon, the library will have a limited supply of laser-eyed loon cards, and you have to be a St. Paul resident to get the card. But fear not, if you aren't able to get the card, merchandise with the loon can be purchased on the library's website

The library cards are always free, and you can get a card at any St. Paul Public Library location. If you already have a library card and don't want to part with it, card-sized stickers with the loon design on them can be obtained, but there is also a limited supply. 

The original laser-eyed loon flag submission. 

Replacement cards don't cost anything, and library staff can help you transfer account details to your new laser-eyed loon card. 

For more information on the limited edition cards, click here