Snowy conditions lead to over 400 crashes Saturday on Minnesota roads

The Minnesota State Patrol says 423 crashes occurred on Minnesota roads between 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Saturday. 

A dusting of snow and cold temperatures led to slick and slushy roads Saturday. 46 of the crashes resulted in injury, one of which was a serious injury in Belle Plaine, Minn. 

One of the 423 crashes was fatal in Blue Earth, Minnesota, too. 

Minnesota drivers had mixed reactions to the dusting of snow. 

"It's Minnesota," said Michael Beahm. "We all have to enjoy it while it's here." 

The Palmers, on the other hand, are heading south for the winter to avoid this type of weather. 

"We're going to a place called Miramar Beach. It's kind of in the panhandle. It'll be in the mid to upper 60s, 70s something like that," said Louise Palmer. 

For drivers like Cole Decathelineau, they just want other drivers to take it easy out there. 

"You've got to make sure you give yourself enough time in between cars so you're not sliding into them," he said. "And just drive defensively and cautious."

With her daughter in tow, defensive driving comes easy to Alyssa Graphenteen.

"I will go as slow as I want to with you in tow, right?" she said. 

Enjoy the conditions while you can tomorrow, because Monday's commute is shaping up to be even worse.