Search warrant: Bloomington murder suspect discussed 'bludgeoning' victim

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New details are emerging about the suspicious death of a 69-year-old Bloomington, Minnesota woman. Donna Bastyr, 46, is currently in custody at Hennepin County Jail on suspicion of probable cause murder in the death of Corrine Gibbs.

According to a search warrant, around 8:09 p.m. Sunday Bloomington police responded to an apartment on the 8100 block of 12th Avenue after a roommate reported finding Gibbs dead in a bedroom with an electrical cord around her neck.

When investigators arrived at the apartment, they found Gibbs on the floor between a bed and a wall. Blood appeared to be on her face, her ear as well as smeared on the bed and the wall. Gibbs was also bruised on her arms and face.

The roommate told police she had been gone for several days and had just gotten back to the apartment. She said she and Gibbs had a third roommate, identified as Bastyr.

About an hour later, officers responded to an assault call between a man and a woman near 1100 East 80th Street. When police arrived, they found Bastyr, who they took to the police department for questioning. The man was not there at the time.

During the interview, police noticed scratches on Bastyr's hand and blood on her sweatshirt. Bastyr gave the investigators the cell phone number of the man involved in the reported assault.

After tracking his phone, they brought the man in for questioning. He told investigators Bastyr told him about arguing with Gibbs, "bludgeoning" her and using an electrical cord. He said his conversation with Bastyr happened in person and over text and phone calls. He told police he did not believe Bastyr because he "thought she was just intoxicated."

The man told police he was not involved in the Gibbs' death and his injuries came from "a domestic situation caused by Bastyr." He said evidence on his phone would confirm his story. 

Investigators applied for a search warrant to search the man's phone.