Prior Lake HS 2nd racist video: 'Swift' action taken by school

Police in Savage say they have been made aware of a second video circulating on social media that appears to show another Prior Lake High School student make racist comments.

The 14-second video appears to show three teens sitting in the back of a car and one in the front passenger seat. Some students are heard saying the N-word. At the end of the video, someone says, "Oh wait, can you please delete that?"

School staff is reportedly handling the matter internally, according to the Savage Police Department.

Prior Lake High School Principal Dr. John Bezek sent a letter to families and school staff Friday telling them the school is aware of the racist video, which he said involving Prior Lake students and students from another school district. Bezek said the school launched an investigation and took "swift and appropriate action" with the students involved. 

"Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools will not tolerate racism or hate speech. We believe everyone in our schools needs to be accountable for their words and actions," Bezek wrote. "Therefore, we will continue to take action when we hear racial slurs or hate speech, or when an incident is brought to our attention." 

The principal said staff met with all students this week to "take active steps to promote conversations about the culture of our school and help ensure a safe learning environment." 

Savage police are already investigating a racist video allegedly made by a Prior Lake High School student that was widely shared on social media last month. In the video, girls are heard making racist remarks, saying racial slurs and encouraging their Black classmate to take her own life.

Students and community members rallied in support of Nya Sigin, the Black student who was targeted in the video.

A school board meeting about the video got heated with community members demanding the district take action. School district officials said the student in the video was no longer enrolled in the district. The school board was reportedly speaking with their lawyer about a possible punishment for the student in the video.

Police said they will wrap up their investigation into the first video by next week and will submit their reports to the Scott County Attorney’s Office for potential criminal charges.