Support for Prior Lake teen Nya Sigin targeted in racist video

Hundreds of students and community members showed up at Prior Lake High School on Thursday to support the teen girl who was targeted by a racist video made by a classmate.

The rally gathered outside the school shortly after classes ended for the day. School leaders had cancelled classes early on Thursday, ahead of the protest, citing safety concerns.

The rally was put together by local community leaders to show support for Prior Lake High School freshman Nya Sigin. Nya says she was the target of the racist taunts in a viral video posted to social media earlier this week,

"I want you to say it with me," one leader told Nya, "I'm beautiful. I'm powerful. I'm strong. I'm not going to let anyone take anything from me."

Student targeted in video responds after fallout online

Wednesday, FOX 9 spoke with Prior Lake High School freshman Nya Sigin, the girl who says she was the target of the racist video.

The video, which has been shared widely on social media early this week, appears to show a Prior Lake high school female student talking to the camera with the flash on in a dark room. Another female voice that was off-camera also added comments throughout the video.

The girls are heard making racist remarks, saying racial slurs, and encouraging their Black classmate to take her own life. "Nobody likes n****rs," the girls said as they laughed. "F***ing kill yourself right this time, do it f***king right. Cut deep enough this time or f***king tie the rope higher."

"To think that they could even say such things about another human being, it’s beyond me," Nya said.

The district says it is investigating the video, along with the Savage Police Department. 

"Racist messages like the ones in the video create an environment that is hostile to learning," Bezek wrote. "I want to assure students and staff that we are committed to their safety and emotional well-being."

Police say investigation into Prior Lake video is ongoing

During a news conference on Thursday, the Savage police chief said the department is continuing to investigate the racist video at Prior Lake High School.

Chief Rodney Seurer says the department is working with the Scott County Attorney's Office to review the video and possible criminal charges. Detectives were out again at the school for follow-up interviews. However, at the time, the chief says he can't say exactly what charges could be filed against the students who made the video.

Under Minnesota law, it's illegal for someone to encourage someone to commit suicide.