Sandbagging efforts in Edina, Dundas begins to protect homes

Laura Cish has lived on Minnehaha Creek for 10 years.

But with every raindrop that falls, the water inches a little closer to her backyard, and possibly flooding her home like it did back in 2014.

"Right now I feel prepared, but prior to the sandbags, I was very nervous. We were in a drought, and then all of a sudden, we've got all this rain," Cish told FOX 9. 

Cish is one of several neighbors on her cul de sac who have used sandbags to build temporary floodwalls to protect their homes from the rising waters of the creek.

The City of Edina fills the sandbags and delivers them to homeowners who request them to keep their properties from being underwater.

"There's so many advantages to living on the water and this is something that we have to deal with from time to time," said Cish. 

Meanwhile down in Dundas, volunteers are filling sandbags too to protect the home of the Dundas Dukes at Memorial Park.

"We're trying to save the season. Trying to minimize the damage from what we think is going to be a pretty significant flood out here," said Mike Ludwig from the Dundas Community Ballpark Project.

The Cannon River just behind the outfield fence is at 19.5 feet and rising.

When it reaches 21 feet, water will cover the field.

They're hoping sandbags around the perimeter of the infield and concession stand will help keep the water at bay.  

"Its unfortunate. It's certainly disheartening. But at the end of the day, it is a ballpark. There are real life things that people deal with out there that are much more devastating. So we're going to keep a smile on our face and do the best we can with it," said Ludwig.

The Cannon River is expected to reach flood stage on Saturday morning.