Rochester elementary school releases students early over roof concerns

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An elementary school in Rochester, Minnesota released students early Wednesday over concerns regarding the roof's intergrity under the heavy snow. 

On Wednesday morning, a member of the custodial staff noticed a slight bow in the ceiling tiles on the east side of Gage Elementary School and alerted administration, according to a statement from Rochester Public Schools. 

A structural engineer was called in to assess the roof. He determined that blowing snow had created a large drift on the east side of the school that was causing the ceiling to bow, but he felt once the snow had been removed the classrooms would be safe. 

The school decided to dismiss students at noon as a precaution. 

The engineer is continuing to asess the building. 

South of Rochester in the town of Lyle, Lyle Public School also experienced issues with their building due to snow. 

In a message addressed to parents on Facebook, the school wrote that they evacuated the music room because of a natural gas smell.

School officials investigated the roof and found a vent covered with snow. They say there was never any evidence of gas and the students were never in danger.