Rhodes, Diggs downplay training camp kerfuffle, call it a sibling rivalry

Disputes among teammates are routine at NFL training camps, which is why Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer isn’t worried about Wednesday's spat between Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs and Cornerback Xavier Rhodes.

Both players were benched for yesterday’s practice after tempers flared between the two athletes Wednesday morning. When asked if holding the two stars out of practice was like sending them to their rooms, Zimmer laughed and agreed.

Back on the field Thursday, Diggs and Rhodes downplayed the incident that led to their benching, saying it’s just part of being competitive.

“It’s not like you had to bury the hatchet,” Diggs said. “There’s nothing there. It’s just two competitive guys who go after it every day.”

Rhodes agreed, saying the dispute can be explained by his “competitive nature.”

“I don’t want to lose,” he said. “It’s stuff like that, stuff like that when you have a sibling, you grow up, he do something you don’t like and then something tends to go off, but you come back the next day and you’re hugging, kissing and playing around.”

Diggs also said the heated exchange was analogous to a sibling rivalry.

“If anybody has siblings, you know if you got into it with your sibling over the last cookie, it’s always fun afterwards,” he said. “For me, going out today, I’m excited to practice and I’m pretty sure he is. I’m excited to get back to work, that’s all.”