Rethinking I-94 hopes to undo the mistakes of the past

Rethinking I-94 is a program that could impact the corridor between Minneapolis and St. Paul for years to come. According to MnDOT, preserving and repairing bridges, walls, and pavement is just the beginning.

A map from MnDOT highlights the area between Marion Street in St. Paul and Highway 55 in Minneapolis.

According to their website Rethinking I-94 improvements are meant to support the health and equity of the surrounding communities. The goal is to avoid repeating the mistakes made in the 1960s when the construction of I-94 destroyed homes and neighborhoods - in particular the Rondo neighborhood of St. Paul.

The project which began in 2016 still has years to go. From now until at least 2026, MnDOT will continue to work and assess multiple designs as well as alternatives before approving any work. 

And construction on the corridor, which you can expect to be a massive project, won't start until 2027 or later.