Ramsey County deputy shot at during chase: Charges

A 20-year-old man is facing charges after a Ramsey County deputy was hurt earlier this month while being shot at during a chase. 

Prosecutors filed charges against Trevion Armand Figgs on Thursday for attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault, and drive-by shooting for allegedly firing shots at a Ramsey deputy. He is also facing additional felony charges for a 2023 shooting in St. Paul where authorities claim he fired 27 shots in broad daylight. 

The charges come after St. Paul police announced the arrest of Figgs and a 17-year-old boy for the shooting. Court records do not say whether the teenager has been charged. 

Shooting at Ramsey deputy 

On March 1, Deputy Joe Kill was pursuing a vehicle in St. Paul for reckless driving. The front passenger sat on the door frame, leaned out of the vehicle and fired a tan-colored assault rifle at the squad car, the criminal complaint said.

The deputy swerved and took cover in the vehicle. Shrapnel from the bullets struck the squad car and the deputy’s ballistic vest. He was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, and Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher said he is undergoing physical therapy to recover from an impact wound. 

"He’s doing okay, the round went through the hood, through the dash, and struck him in the bulletproof vest. But, six inches higher, and he would be dead," Fletcher previously said. 

During their investigation, law enforcement recovered two bullet fragments from the floor of the squad car in addition to spent .223 caliber rifle casings from the middle of the roadway, and from the Honda.

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Authorities found the suspect vehicle about six blocks away in an alleyway behind the 1000 block of Pacific Street, the same street Figgs lives on, according to court records. 

Nearly two weeks later, officers executed a search warrant at Figgs house. Inside his bedroom, authorities say they recovered a tan AR-style rifle stock, a red and black Polymer 80 handgun, and ammunition. 

Charging documents allege Figgs DNA was found on a casing recovered at the scene. Law enforcement did not say whether the recovered firearms were suspected of being used in the shooting.

Charges in June 2023 shooting 

Figgs was convicted on a weapons charge for a June 2023 shooting and received a stayed sentence. However, Ramsey County prosecutors filed additional charges against him on March 11, and he faces one count each of attempted second-degree murder and drive-by shooting.

The complaint states that on June 26, 2023, police responded to a reported shooting at the intersection of Earl Street and Sims Avenue and recovered 27 shell casings. 

Officers later found the suspect's vehicle, and following a pursuit, Figgs was arrested. Police said he had a backpack that contained two handguns, one of which matched the casings found at the scene. The firearm also did not have a serial number. 

Charges further allege the casings found in St. Paul matched casings recovered from a shooting in Minneapolis earlier that month. At the scene, officers say they recovered a handgun magazine with fingerprints that allegedly matched Figgs. 

Court records do not say whether Figgs has been charged in the Minneapolis shooting. 

Figgs made his first court appearance on Thursday for the June 2023 shooting charges. He appeared in front of a judge again on Friday for the March 1 shooting, and a judge set his bail at $1 million.