President Trump fires up supporters, rips Minnesota Democrats at Rochester rally

From the minute President Donald Trump took to the stage in downtown Rochester Thursday evening the signs, the hats and chants of USA rocked the packed Mayo Civic Center.

"Hello Minnesota - great state, I'm thrilled to be back in the homeland with some fantastic, patriots - you know that," said President Trump.

Trump didn't waste any time laying right into Democrats saying their policies embrace socialism, open borders and lawlessness.

"The Democrats are truly the party of crime because open borders - that's what happens," said Trump.

With a looming vote Friday over whether embattled Supreme Court appointee Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed to a lifetime spot on the bench, the crowd told Trump how they feel.

"You see what's going on in Congress right now with one of the most respected people potentially, hopefully Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanugh," said Trump.

Trump went on to rip into Minnesota Democrats running for Congress, like Dan Feehan in the 1st Congressional District and Senator Tina Smith trying to retain her Senate seat.

"He was replaced by someone nobody heard of - her name is Tina Smith,” said Trump. “Honestly, I do this stuff for living and I've never heard of her and I need her vote."

Trump is hoping to boost Republicans chances in November by making a stop in southern Minnesota where races across the state are tightening. Trump says he narrowly lost Minnesota in 2016 and hopes to turn it red in a month.

"1972 it hasn't been won I said - no look at the crowds they love it,” said Trump. “We're going to take care of Minnesota. We're going to stop what's happening that's so unfair in Minnesota.”

Protesters spoke out against the rally outside the Civic Center.