Police investigating noose found at Edina Community Center

The Edina Police Department is investigating an incident involving a noose found at an early learning education center.

On Tuesday the Edina Public Schools communications department confirmed that a member of its staff found a noose at the Edina Community Center. 

According to a statement from the district, "the rope was harnessed to an implement on the roof and hung in one of the courtyards."

After its discovery, the district sent out a statement to the community that in part read, "A noose is a heinous symbol long known for its intimidation, harm, and violence against Black/African Americans and more recently toward other non-dominant groups. We stand against racism and condemn hate. These events are painful, not only for those targeted, but also for everyone in our community who values diversity and inclusion and is working towards change… We believe that these incidents do not reflect the majority of the members of Edina Public Schools or the City of Edina community. It is important that our community join these conversations to demonstrate that these acts of hate and harm do not reflect who we are." 

A senior communications coordinator with the City of Edina confirmed for FOX 9 that the Edina Police Department continues to investigate the reported incident, and that there were no further updates at this time.

In a response to the incident, and others that have been alleged to have racial motives in past months, an anti-racism and intolerance event was held in Edina Wednesday night.

The Anti-Racism Collective (ARC) of Edina organized the community event at the corner of 50th and Wooddale.

The event was titled "Stand Against Hate" and intended to show that "Edina residents are concerned for the physical, mental and emotional safety of all that live, work and play in Edina and will not tolerate hate of any form in their community."