Panicked parents wanted more communication from SPPS during snow storm

Monday’s snowstorm was a nightmare for parents waiting for their kids to get home from school. In both Minneapolis and St. Paul, students did not get home until later at night. 

The kids are okay, but parents were petrified. 

Kris Beetle has four kids. She was waiting for her kindergartner to come home from school on the bus from Highland Park Elementary School. The bus was supposed to arrive at 4:30 p.m., but Beetle waited at the stop for more than an hour before she started calling, wondering where the bus was and where her kids were at. 

“They got home just before 7:30,” Beetle said. “And I got ahold of someone at the school at 6:15 p.m. not to have something specific to what was going on.”

Once the bus did arrive, it got stuck on the corner and then again at the top of the hill with parents trying to dig it out and throw kitty litter under the tires to give it traction.

Beetle understands that snow happens, but she said the communication from St. Paul Public Schools was terrible and she believes the city and the schools need coordinate better during these kind of storms.