Oklahoma man wraps his $240,000 Lamborghini to support President Trump


It's not uncommon to see buses and trucks "wrapped" with some sort of advertising. But one man in Oklahoma decided to do the same thing to his personal car -- a $240,000 Lamborghini. And he completely covered the pricey vehicle to support President Donald Trump.

Every inch of the outside of Steve Currington's car either has images of the president or some sort of slogan.

trump lambo 5


The windshield reads "Total Acquittal" while arrows by the gas tank claim the sports car is "fueled by liberal tears."

"His head is the whole roof because I wanted people, as I come up behind you, to be able to see that Trump's watching you," Currington told KTUL. "The president is watching you."



Currington said he wrapped his sports car to spark conversations with people on both sides, and feels the reaction so far has been mostly positive.

"We get people wanting to take pictures with it. We get families, grandmas, grandpas, kids, just wanting to get a picture with the president on the side of the car," he said. 



But unsurprisingly, he's also gotten some negative feedback.

"We had a few 'F bombs' out windows," Currington said. "Some guy drove past me and gave me the bird." 



The wrap, which includes support for the president in the upcoming election, is easy to take off, he says.

Currington said he believes the president will win re-election, but if he loses, "It is what it is."