Officials: Expect no warnings for drunken boating over 4th of July

One day after a teen was killed while jet skiing on Lake Minnetonka, officials warned the lake-going public of more dangers ahead of a holiday weekend. 

Lakes across the state will be filled with boaters and police say everyone needs to pay attention and put down the booze. 

Officials warned that there will be no warnings and that boaters under the influence will be arrested and taken to jail. 

It’s called "Operation Dry Water." It’s a nationwide effort this weekend to keep an eye out for drunken boaters. 

Last year, nine of the 16 fatalities on Minnesota waters involved alcohol. 

Lt. Adam Block, of the Minnesota DNR, reminded boaters that boating DWIs are no different than driving DWIs. 

"As we stand here today, it’s very clear as to what the penalty is. If you lose your operating privileges in Minnesota, on any motorized device, all the rest of them are off limits while you’re revoked," Block said. 

On Lake Minnetonka alone, more than 8,000 boats are expected out on the water this weekend. After last year’s more subdued partying due to COVID-19, the Sheriff’s Office expects boaters will be back out in full force this weekend. 

"We think this year is going to be kind of the big hurrah, and we’re prepared," said Sheriff Dave Hutchinson.