Newly released video shows officer charged in George Floyd’s death helping man in wheelchair

The body camera footage of former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane helping a man in a motorized wheelchair was released to the public Thursday as his defense intends to use it as character evidence in the George Floyd case. 

Lane, 37, is charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter in connection with Floyd’s Memorial Day death in police custody. Lane was one of the rookie officers who first responded and later helped restrain Floyd. During the arrest, Lane was the only officer who asked if Floyd should be rolled onto his side.

Thomas Lane is charged in connection with the death of George Floyd. (Hennepin County Jail)

Lane's lawyer Earl Gray filed a notice of intent Wednesday to offer character evidence, which he says will show Lane's "pertinent trait of character for peacefulness". 

Gray submitted body camera footage and a transcript, which details an incident early on Jan. 23 when Lane helped a homeless man whose motorized wheelchair ran out of battery. 

The body camera video shows Lane pushing the man on his wheelchair through the wintry conditions to the police precinct, so the man could recharge his wheelchair and warm up.

"This specific instance of conduct of Lane’s character will be strong circumstantial evidence that Lane did not with criminal intent assist in the murder of George Floyd," Gray wrote. 

The footage from Lane's body-worn camera the night of Floyd's death was released to the public in August after Gray submitted it as an exhibit supporting a motion to dismiss the charges against Lane 

A trial date has been set for March 8, however the judge has yet to make a decision on motions for the cases of all four officers charged in Floyd’s death to be joined as one and to move the trial to a venue outside the Twin Cities.