Mummified Dayton's monkey to be displayed at Science Museum

The infamous “Dayton’s monkey” will soon be on display at the Science Museum of Minnesota for all to see. 

Last month, construction crews discovered a mummified monkey in the ceiling of the old Dayton’s building while they were working on renovations. No one knows for sure how the mummified monkey ended up in the iconic department store, although there has been no shortage of theories

The mummified monkey will eventually be displayed in the lobby of the Science Museum, spokesperson Kim Ramsden said. The lobby is a community area that does not require admission—so everyone will be able to see the monkey. 

“The Dayton’s monkey is a fun piece of Minnesota history and a good example of the natural mummification process,” Ramsden said in an email to Fox 9. 

Ramsden said she does not yet know when the museum will get the monkey and when it will be on display. 

The museum is already home to several other Minnesota relics, including two beloved Como Zoo animals—Kuma the polar bear and Don the gorilla.