MPD to limit overtime, amid staffing shortage

Overtime limits are now in place within the Minneapolis Police Department, as overtime surges amid staffing shortages.

A new MPD policy, which the city says is focused on wellness and accountability, limits the number of hours an officer is allowed to work in a day at 16. It also limits weekly totals at 74 hours, with pre-approval from a supervisor required to go over 64. 

"Our folks need to be their best when they come to work. And that means adequate time to rest and re-charge," said interim police chief Amelia Huffman.

The policy also requires officers to have at least a full 24-hour day off each week.   

The new rule coming at a time when the department faces massive staffing shortages, with more officers having to work overtime to fill the gaps.

"The reality is, we have staffing challenges at this point, and we need to be able to balance the need to protect employees off time and critical safety services," said Huffman.

Also announced today, an update to the department’s discipline matrix, laying out a framework for what discipline is appropriate when there is misconduct.

Mayor Jacob Frey said one of the most important updates to the matrix emphasizes the evaluation of policy violations considering the harm or risk of harm from the misconduct.

In a statement, the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis said, "The POFM welcomes wellness initiatives that are thoughtful and understanding of the challenges of the job. Our hope is these initiatives will not be as short-lived as they have been in the past."