More than 900 people become U.S. citizens in Tuesday ceremony

Tuesday afternoon, more than 900 people from across the world became naturalized U.S. citizens.

For many, the ceremony marks a new beginning just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Taking the Oath of Allegiance, 983 people, representing 98 countries from around the world, became naturalized United States citizens.

Many came to the U.S. seeking freedom, opportunity and a new beginning.

“I have been dreaming about this day my whole life. Everything that I am today, I owe to America,” said Karina Almagar of the Dominican Republic.

“Me and my family were looking for a place where my children can grow up having a better life and better future, said Fulen Ghangha, who moved here from Cameroon six years ago. 

According to federal immigration officials, more than 800,000 people were naturalized at ceremonies during the 2019 fiscal year.